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10 Blog Niches

10 Blog Niches for Blog Beginner | Blogging Tips

10 Blog Niches for Blog Beginner. You are slightly over thinking blog niches or your blog name, so you’re trying to think of something you keep looking for something, that’s may be a little more creative or has a little more sparkle to it and there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a very unique blog name. The only downside is that honestly people care less about your blog name than they do about your actual content.

So some of the best blogs out there have just like really simple blog names maybe they’ve got great key words and they just keep things kind of short and sweet. It’s easy to spell, it’s easy to remember and so there doesn’t really seem to be anything flashy about the name itself but their content is outstanding.

There are some blogs out there and they have really creative blog names and then their content stinks, so just not going to head back to that website because as cute as their name is, their name is not what teaches anything or inspires to do anything new or accomplished something.

So in this blog  I’m going share 10 Blog Niches for Blog Beginner for you guys that way you can stop over thinking it and just get started on that blog names.

1.Personality  Development

2.Entrepreneurial Skill Development

3.Health & Fitness  


5.Improve Writing Skills

6.Learning New Languages

7.Travel on Minimum Budget

8.Working in Uncommon Fields

9.DIY (Do It Yourself) or Home Made products

10.Saving Money  

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