2024 Kawasaki Eliminator: Road Test Review


Performance and handling

Powering the Eliminator is a 451cc, parallel-twin engine that gets a 180-degree firing order. The motor produces 44.7bhp and 42.6Nm of peak torque and is paired with a six-speed gearbox.

Its engine is unlike anything you’ll find in a cruiser. It’s fast, free-revving and offers plenty of performance right from the start. While the low-end power delivery is good, the motor offers a fair amount of torque in the mid-range. The engine is trackable enough to do 50 kmph in sixth gear in the city or 100-120 kmph on the highways all day long without any hassle.

Kawasaki Eliminator Left Front Three Quarter

That said, minor vibrations come at this speed and can be felt on the footpegs, seat and handlebar. However, they don’t spoil the experience in any way. What’s impressive is the light clutch action and smooth gearbox, which eliminates fatigue in stop-and-go traffic. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that despite having a high-revving engine, the heat management is commendable.

Kawasaki Eliminator Right Front Three Quarter

While the Eliminator is a cruiser, its ride quality is still quite impressive. Although it is set on the firm side, the suspension smoothes out surface undulations and expansion joints without disturbing the motorcycle’s stability. That said, due to the limited travel of the rear springs there is a tendency to kick the rear whenever it goes over potholes or sharp edged potholes.

Kawasaki Eliminator right side view

Like its ride quality, the handling of the motorcycle is also quite commendable. Regardless of what you believe about the 18/16-inch wheel combination, the Eliminator feels quite light and playful, and doesn’t require much effort to turn it from side to side. However, you have to be careful while leaning it into corners as the bike turns quickly, and you have to get used to this feeling. Once you get familiar with its modus operandi, the Eliminator is one of the most lively cruisers in its segment.

Kawasaki Eliminator Front Disc Brake

The braking performance of the Eliminator is right on point. The front disc provides excellent bite and progress and the motorcycle stops predictably. The rear brake, on the other hand, provides gradual stopping power, while the ABS is well-calibrated and not at all intrusive.

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