2024 KTM RC 8C – Limited edition with performance levels of Moto2 bike


KTM recently unveiled its limited edition, track-only RC 8C super sports model. And although the manufacturer hasn’t made any major changes to the 2023 model, it claims the unit has Moto2-level performance.

Only 100 hand-built RC8Cs will be available in 2024, half the number from last year. And if you want one, you’ll have to pay €38,035.91.

The limited edition, circuit-only RC 8C was created in collaboration with Kramer Motorcycles in the same manner as the previous model. And, as you’d expect, that means it comes with all the track trimmings, like a quick-detach tank and fairing panel, lightweight Diamag wheels and Pirelli racing tyres.

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There’s an Aim MXS 1.2 race dashboard and data logger with integrated GPS functionality for tracking your lap times, and you can see all the relevant information on the 5-inch TFT screen. Those who own one of these track machines can use Aim RaceStudio to view performance metrics and work on lowering their lap times.

The RC 8C’s engine is the same 889 cc twin-cylinder that KTM used in the 2023 model, but the company claims it has been “improved”. We can only assume that it produces around 140 hp, as the previous version produced 135 hp and 98 Nm of torque. And there’s no doubt that thanks to the Akrapovic Racing exhaust it will be one of the most pleasant-sounding bikes on the track.

The engine is supported by a tubular 25CerMo4 steel frame, covered by a carbon Kevlar fairing inspired by the KTM RC16. KTM does not indicate average weight, but dry weight is just 139.7 kg.

Not surprisingly, there are WP Suspension components everywhere. The 43mm closed cartridge fork keeps everything under control at the front, while the WP APEX PRO 7746 shock absorber with remote preload adjuster should provide easily adjustable compression and extension settings at high and low speeds at the rear.

On the brakes are a set of MotoGP-sourced Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA radial master brake cylinders. At the front, Brembo Stylema calipers grip a fully floating 290 mm disc, while at the rear a Brembo two-piston caliper makes do with a 230 mm disc.

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Whoever succeeds in obtaining the 2024 RC 8C will be invited to a delivery session in Portimão, Portugal. The trip will include a personalized on-track set-up session, a private dinner, a meet and greet and an exclusive track day experience with “KTM Racing Royalty”.

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