4 books that will make you rich, according to Graham Stephen


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Graham Stephan is a 30-year-old real estate investor and YouTube celebrity with over 5 million subscribers on “The Iced Coffee Hour” podcast and Graham Stephan YouTube channels. Stephen teaches his followers how to be successful in real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, and basically all aspects of their personal, financial, and creative lives, but he didn’t acquire this knowledge by chance. In addition to the lessons he has learned from his successes and failures, Stephen is an avid reader who finds inspiration in the words of those who have found success.

Here are some of Stephen’s top book recommendations for anyone who wants to get rich.

1. ‘Wake up the giant’

Stephen calls this Tony Robbins self-mastery classic one of his favorite self-help titles. The book offers a roadmap for taking control of your mental and emotional state, your body, and your finances.

“Anthony Robbins talks about overcoming limiting beliefs and removing the mental blocks that can hold you back,” Stephen writes in the show notes for a YouTube video on his favorite business, money, and success books. “I believe that success first starts from within, so this is a great book to understand what can mentally keep you from achieving what you want.”

2. ‘Think and Grow Rich’

In the early 20th century, Napoleon Hill studied millionaires such as Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford to identify the connection between mindset and success. He published the results in his landmark “Think and Grow Rich”, in which he presented rules of success that success-hungry readers still follow today. In fact, Stephen finds the book so relevant that he usually reads it once a year.

“’Think and Grow Rich’ simplifies the techniques some of the most successful people have used to achieve their wealth, and what they all have in common. It’s a must-read for anyone interested,” he said.

3. ‘4 hour work week’

According to a New Yorker profile of author Timothy Ferriss, this 2007 blockbuster spent the better part of seven years on the New York Times Best Seller list. Stephen said the book inspired him to generate passive income. Stephen wrote, “While many entrepreneurs and business people preach ‘work 24/7, work all the time, never sleep’, Timothy (Ferris) takes the opposite approach – work as little as possible. “

4. ‘Winner Effect’

In a May 2023 TikTok video, Stephan said the book that summarizes his winning mindset is “The Winner Effect” by Ian Robertson. The book teaches that success changes your brain chemistry in a way that makes you more likely to achieve greater success.

“You get a win (0:15),” Stephan explained. “It gives you the confidence to believe you can do it again… Suddenly, everything you do is a win because you believe it, and you move toward activities that are more likely to generate it.” It is,” he added. “Once you start getting small wins, you start looking for opportunities that add up to that even more.”


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