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25 Free Tips for Marketing your Blog | Blogging Tips

25 Free Tips

SummaryWith so numerous blogs being created every day, it’s a riddle to numerous bloggers how to make their blog stand out. It’s simple. People want to read good content, and with good content comes announcement profit. Well, perhaps it’s not that easy … We ’ve eventually unleashed the secrets of successful blog marketing. Do note … Read more

6 Best Tips To Writing Any Blog Entry | Blogging Tips

6 Best Tips To Writing

SummaryWriting a blog can be as easy as incinerating eyefuls to one person, but much more delicate to the coming. Professional pens will tell you that they find blog writing pleasurable. Those don’t have great writing skill may be bullied by the task still and may no way want to learn how to write a … Read more

Yoast SEO Backend Elements | Blogging Tips

Yoast SEO

Hi! In this blog post , we’ll know where you can find Yoast SEO in your WordPress back end. The first location we’re going to click the WordPress Dashboard. When you scroll down on your Dashboard, you’ll find the Yoast SEO Posts Overview meta box. This meta box contains two elements. First there’s an overview of the SEO scores of the posts … Read more

Blogging Business or Scam | Blogging Tips

Blogging Business or Scam

My tip for you in this blog post is to read  entirety. So that you can understand completely and fully Blogging Business or Scam. The difference between a blogger who is building an actual blogging business and a blogger who might be trying to scam you.   Blogging Business or Scam may or may not come as a surprise. I have told both directly … Read more

Difference Between Active and Passive Income | Blogging Tips

Active and Passive Income

The difference between active income and passive income.  You should be able to quickly identify the difference between the two. Whether or not a way to make money online is either passive income or active income.   Now I’m going to tell the definitions of each quickly and then I’ll tell why it’s so important … Read more

How Bloggers Make Money Blogging | Blogging Tips

How Bloggers Make Money

The main basic ways bloggers make money. How they monetize their brand or the different avenues that they go down to generate revenue for their blogging business.   You can also take those ideas and decide where you might be interested in starting or where you might be interested in moving into over the next 6 or 12 or 18 or 24 Months. The … Read more

Become a Successful Blogger Faster by Offering | Blogging Tips

Become a Successful Blogger

Become a Successful Blogger Faster. Sit down and figure out how is your blog is going to stand out and offer something that makes it. You want to identify special secret sauce that you have within your blog that nobody else offers or very few other bloggers offer.  So let’s get totally blunt here. There are about 1 billion bloggers out there right. It’s very … Read more

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool Alternatives | Blogging Tips

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool Alternatives is to write the content that people are actually looking for. So good bloggers write blog posts that they’re inspired to write that. They’re excited about writing but good business bloggers write content that people are actually looking for the valuable content. That will really change people’s lives those are the kind of blog posts that you want to … Read more

Get Work Done with Batch Processing | Blogging Tips

Get Work Done With

To schedule your work and tasks. I encourage you to Get Work Done with batch processing.  For example: if you want to write five different blog posts and your task list for those blog post. Means writing a draft then editing that blog post.  Taking pictures for that blog post and editing those pictures. And then may be filming something and editing. May be social media graphics inserting in and … Read more