GTA 6 delay possible as Rockstar sends employees back to the office


GTA 6: grand theft auto vi Possibly one of the most anticipated games in history, millions of players around the world are waiting for any information or screenshots of the upcoming open-world crime simulator. However, as remote workers struggle with Rockstar Games’ unwanted return to office order, Kotaku This has been revealed by sources with knowledge of the game’s development process. gta 6 Its 2025 release window may be missed and pushed to 2026.

Officially unveiled in December 2023 (after A big leak of 2022, gta 6 2013’s highly anticipated follow-up gta v, More than a decade after that game’s release – and its massive, still-growing sales numbers – Rockstar Games is hard at work on the sequel, set in Vice City, a fictional take on Miami, Florida. . The game is set to come to PS5 and Xbox Series some time in 2025, and that’s still the plan internally. Kotaku Sources with knowledge of the situation said “early 2025” is currently the target.

However, Kotaku It’s also been revealed that it’s becoming more likely that the sequel won’t arrive until late 2025. It’s also possible that it could get pushed to 2026 as production has reportedly lagged behind.

Rockstar Games

In February, after several leaks, bloomberg informed of Rockstar Games was mandating its employees to return to work in the office five days a week starting in April. The short notice and drastic change caught many by surprise and led to frustration among employees who felt left out after hiring remotely. As reported Result on 19th March,

While security and quality are reportedly the main reasons for Rockstar’s order to return to the office, sources told me – who wish to remain anonymous to avoid potential retribution – that development is ongoing. gta 6 “Lagging” has begun. I’m told Rockstar’s leadership is nervous that the game will miss the 2025 window and slide into 2026, and that’s another big reason the company is pushing for a return to the office in April.

At the moment, I’m told Rockstar is still on target gta 6 To arrive in spring 2025. While an early 2025 release is targeted, sources say they are not sure if that will happen and a launch in Fall 2025 seems more plausible and feasible. In the meantime, delaying the game to 2026 if necessary is on the table as a kind of “fallback plan” or “emergency” option.

And of course, it should be noted – and I was reminded when talking to people about this situation – that Rockstar Games has historically waited until the “last minute” to make changes or alter plans. So the next trailer for the game—no word on when to expect it—might not reflect a delay as the company moves forward on development.

Kotaku Rockstar Games has contacted

talking to ResultAn employee shared concerns that after improvements over the past few years, Rockstar Games may be improving slide back into dev crunch As GTA VI Enters the final stage of its long development.

“We’re worried about going back to that,” a Rockstar employee told Aftermath.

“I have been through a few projects, both of which were lacking. The first one was very difficult. At that time I had very little gray hair. … We want to continue the progress we’ve made as a company to remove that toxic culture.”

Even if the game is internally pushed back to late 2025 or publicly delayed to 2026, that doesn’t mean workers — who are being forced to return to the office against their will — There will be no delay in work. In fact, Sometimes delay means more trouble, However, it is clear that GTA 6′Growth in the last year or so won’t be easy or quick as the company aims for a launch as early as 2025.


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