Haddhu Ledhura Telugu Movie Review


Movie Name: Haddhu Ledhura

Release date: 21 March 2024

123telugu.com Rating: 2/5

Starring: Ashish Gandhi, Ashok, Varsha Vishwanath, Ritika Srinivas, Rajiv Kanakala and Tanikella Bharani

Director: Rajshekhar Ravi

the creator: Viresh Gajula

music director: Kamal Kumar D

Cinematographer: AK Anand

Editor: Gautam Raj Nerusu

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Ashish Gandhi’s new film Haddu Ledhura was released on the big screen today. Read the review to know how it fares.


Arjun (Ashish Gandhi) and Krishna (Ashok) have been best friends since childhood. Arjun is always ready to go to any extent to help Krishna. One day, Krishna finds himself in trouble, requiring Arjuna’s intervention to save him. what’s the problem? Did Arjun succeed in saving Krishna? The film reveals the rest of the story.

Plus points:

Ashish Gandhi shines in the role of Arjun, playing the role of a caring friend. His performance and presence are commendable, indicating possibilities for mass roles in the future.

Ashok has performed well in his role. Despite having minimal screen time, Rajeev Kanakala and Thanikela Bharani entertain in the scenes in which they appear.

Negative Points:

The story is quite familiar and predictable. Despite a promising start, the film loses its momentum very quickly. While the central idea is acceptable, the director could have focused more on the engaging narrative.

Heroines Varsha Vishwanath and Ritika Srinivas contribute little to the plot, with their presence limited to a few scenes.

Many scenes suffer from poor lip-sync, due to the director’s negligence in overseeing the final output. Additionally, Ashok’s performance lacks depth in scenes requiring emotional expression, with his neutral gaze and expressionless dialogue presenting shortcomings.

The character of Rajeev Kanakala could have been introduced earlier to add more dramatic tension. The director failed to fully utilize the talent of veteran actor Thanikela Bharani.

technical aspects:

Director Rajashekhar Ravi fails to execute the story effectively and also writes poor dialogues. The songs composed by Kamal Kumar D (late) are passable, but Ebinizer Paul’s background score fails to accentuate important scenes. Editor Gautam Raj Nerusu could have cut unnecessary parts from both the parts. Cinematography is absolutely fine. Production values ​​are low.


Overall, Haddu Ledhura is a poor action drama with a routine story and weak screenplay. Apart from Ashish Gandhi’s acting to some extent, there is nothing special in the film to keep the audience engaged. Check out alternative entertainment options this weekend.



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