Holi: Burst mode for editing, seven tips to capture stunning photos with your iPhone, Android smartphones

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Holi 2024 Photo Ideas: India is all set to bask in the joy of celebrating the festival of colors a few hours from now. This occasion is a great time to partner with your smartphone for remarkable photos and memories. Apart from just opening the camera app and pressing the shutter button, you can play with the settings and produce stunning looking photos.

To help you click amazing pictures on Holi, here are some tips you should remember.

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Pro Tip: Be careful with water buckets, balloons or water guns while taking photos as they may damage your phone.

Clean the lens: While the dried colors continue to show their charm in the air Holi, chances exist that they could taint the quality of your photos if they are on your shooting lens. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe your lenses frequently on Holi for clear and detailed output.

portrait mode: This mode can help reduce clutter in the frame behind blurred backgrounds and distractions from the subject of the frame. Be sure to try close-up shots for creative possibilities in colorful frames.

Example of Portrait Mode (Image: Pixabay/Dharamveer Singh)

burst mode: This mode can help prevent activities like splashing of water or colors and produce amazing visuals. You can choose the perfect shot from several options in post-processing. iPhone users can also try Live Photos.

Switch Lens: Most new smartphones come with multiple camera lenses on the back. You can use the ultrawide mode to take group photos (with a timer) or capture a wide area. Use the macro sensor for small objects and subjects and the telephoto lens for distant shots.

Use slo-mo and timelapse: If your friend is carrying a bucket to soak someone, use slo-mo to slow down the action and shoot from a distance. Additionally, you can use the timelapse mode when people are playing with colors. You can also change the mode depending on the action.

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Use editing apps: After shortlisting good shots, import them to editing apps like Snapseed or Adobe Lightroom for quick editing magic. Try experimenting with color, exposure, vibrancy and more to enhance the output.

Plus, you can experiment with angles, toggle grid lines, take candid shots, and brainstorm on the spot to improve the output. Meanwhile, you can also check out AR lenses like ‘AR Pichkari’ to squirt color on friends through the back camera on Snapchat. This is just one of the infinite possibilities available on third-party apps.

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