Huge mysterious steel monolith seen on remote hill in Britain, speculations intensify


Photos of the monolith have spawned many conspiracy theories online

Recently, a huge steel monolith was seen on a hill in Wales, which left the local people and experts shocked. According to New York Post, The 10-foot-long block of steel, shaped like a giant Toblerone, was spotted by locals on Hay Bluff near the town of Powys at the weekend.

“I thought it looked a little strange and it might be a scientific media research thing collecting rainwater,” Richard Haynes said. wales online,

“But then realized it was too long and awkward for her. Then I went over to it and it was at least 10 feet long and triangular, definitely stainless steel. It was hollow and I imagine had a lot of light. “Enough light for two people to lift it up and plant it in the ground,” Mr. Haynes said.

The pictures of the monolith have gone viral gave rise to many conspiracy theories Online. While many said it was the work of aliens, others believed it was an elaborate specimen of occult artefact.

Prior to this unusual sight, a series of monoliths have appeared around the world, becoming the subject of intense public curiosity and speculation. Theories about their origins ranged from marketing ploys to supernatural beings.

In February 2021, a mysterious 10-foot-tall metal slab appeared in southeastern Turkey, then quietly disappeared, according to a report by Reuters. new York Times, It bore a cryptic message in the Göktürk alphabet, the ancient Turkic language, “Look at the sky, look at the moon.” This was later proven to be a government publicity stunt to promote Turkey’s new space program.

In 2020, two similar structures were found in Utah and California and were found to be the work of a New Mexico-based artist group. That same year, another 10-foot tall silver monolith was spotted on the Isle of Wight, attracting many locals who began visiting the site to catch a glimpse of it.

Another giant steel monolith appeared in Romania in November 2020, and the government said it was unknown who had erected it.

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