Hyundai Creta N Line vs 1.5-litre turbo-petrol Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Taigun, Skoda Kushaq: Price comparison


Is its price going to offer better value than the performance-packed variants of the Skoda Kushaq, Volkswagen Taigun and Kia Seltos?

The newly introduced Hyundai Creta N Line in India is available only with a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine. This particular type of engine is also offered by three other models in the compact SUV segment – ​​Volkswagen Taigun, Skoda Kushaq and Kia Seltos. All four make 150 PS or more, and are available with both manual and automatic transmissions.


model Hyundai Creta/ Creta N Line/ Kia Seltos Volkswagen Taigun/Skoda Kushaq
engine 1.5-litre turbo-petrol 1.5-litre turbo-petrol
Power 160 PS 150 ps
Torque: 253 nm 250nm
broadcast 7-Speed ​​DCT/ 6-Speed ​​iMT, 7-Speed ​​DCT/ 6-Speed ​​MT, 7-Speed ​​DCT 6-speed MT, 7-speed DCT

If you’re looking for a performance-oriented compact SUV, here’s how the prices of these 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engined models compare:

petrol manual

Hyundai Creta N Line* Kia Seltos (iMT) volkswagen taigun Skoda Kushaq
HTK Plus – Rs 15 lakh Ambition- Rs 15.99 lakh
GT – Rs 16.77 lakh
N8- Rs 16.82 lakh GT Edge Trail Edition – Rs 16.77 lakh
HTX Plus – Rs 18.28 lakh GT Plus – Rs 18.18 lakh Style Matte-Carbon S – Rs 18.19 lakh
GT Plus Edge Deep Black Pearl – Rs 18.38 lakh Style Elegance – Rs 18.31 lakh
GT Plus Edge Carbon Steel Gray – Rs 18.44 lakh Style- 18.39 lakh
GT Plus (with new features) – Rs 18.54 lakh
GT Plus Edge Deep Black Pearl (with new features) – Rs 18.74 lakh
GT Plus Edge Carbon Steel Gray (with new features) – Rs 18.80 lakh
N10- Rs 19.34 lakh Monte Carlo – Rs 19.09 lakh
  • Kia offers this engine with the Seltos mid-spec variant and here it is the most affordable option, while the Creta N Line has the highest entry price.

  • Hyundai Creta N Line and Kia Seltos have the same engine that produces 160 PS and 253 Nm. However, the Seltos gets iMT (manual without clutch pedal) instead of the regular manual setup like the other models on this list.

  • Between the Volkswagen Taigun and Skoda Kushaq twins with the same 150 PS 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine, the latter offers it at a lower entry price.

  • Unlike the Hyundai-Kia power unit, the VW-Skoda engine also comes with cylinder deactivation technology for better fuel efficiency. This technology allows two of the four cylinders to rest when the engine is not under load, such as when moving at highway speeds in the highest gear.

  • The Seltos and Creta N Line are the best-equipped models here with features like panoramic sunroof, dual 10.25-inch displays, 360-degree camera and dual-zone climate control. However, only Hyundai offers ADAS with a manual gearbox.

  • All models in this list get equipment like ventilated front seats, digital driver display, power-adjustable driver seat and six airbags.

  • While all the variants listed above cater to enthusiasts with a powerful engine and manual gearbox, only the Creta N Line gets bespoke tuning for the steering and suspension and a dual-tip exhaust.

petrol automatic

Hyundai Creta N Line* Hyundai Creta kia seltos volkswagen taigun Skoda Kushaq
GT DCT – Rs 17.36 lakh Ambition- Rs 17.39 lakh
N8- Rs 18.32 lakh HTX Plus DCT – Rs 19.18 lakh
GTX Plus (S) – Rs 19.38 lakh GT Plus DCT – 19.44 Lakh Style Matte-Carbon S – Rs 19.39 lakh
X-Line (S) – Rs 19.60 lakh GT Plus Edge Deep Black Pearl – Rs 19.64 lakh Style Elegance – Rs 19.51 lakh
GT Plus Edge Carbon Steel Gray – Rs 19.70 lakh
GT Plus DCT (with new features) – 19.74 lakh Style- Rs 19.79 lakh
GT Plus Edge Deep Black Pearl (with new features) – Rs 19.94 lakh
SX(O) DCT – Rs 20 lakh GTX Plus – Rs 19.98 lakh GT Plus Edge Carbon Steel Gray (with new features) – Rs 20 lakh
N10- Rs 20.30 lakh X-Line – Rs 20.30 lakh Monte Carlo – Rs 20.49 lakh
  • All models here offer their 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine with the option of a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) with paddle shifters.

  • The Taigun is the most affordable option for this powertrain combination, with the Kushaq only slightly more expensive. Both undercut the Creta N Line by almost a lakh. However, it is the regular Creta that has the highest entry price for this engine-gearbox setup as it offers it only with the fully loaded top variant.

  • With the automatic setup being the only option for the fully loaded Kia Seltos variant, it is a more feature-rich offering and also offers ADAS and a head-up display.

  • At the top end, the Creta N Line is as expensive as the Seltos X-Line, while the Kushaq Monte Carlo is slightly more expensive, even though it is not as feature-rich as the Korean SUV.

*- These are introductory prices only.

All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom, Delhi

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