KTM takes over majority control of MV Agusta


KTM’s parent company Pierer Mobility AG has continued its expansion by acquiring another brand. In an investor report, the Austrian group announced that it has acquired a 50.1 percent stake of MV Agusta, officially gaining majority control over the famous Italian motorcycle brand.

The strategic moves that culminated in this acquisition have been underway for the past few years. In the summer of 2022, KTM AG announced that it is partnering with MV Agusta to distribute the iconic Sciranna bike in North America. Shortly after, KTM acquired 25.1% of the Italian brand and, in 2023, stated its intention to acquire a controlling stake and continue its plan to lead the troubled company to success. “MV Agusta is a gem. It deserves greater visibility, and we will take control of it in due course,” said Hubert Trunkenpolz, member of the KTM executive board.

KTM takes over majority control of MV Agusta
The all-new MV Agusta LXP Orioli adventure bike is expected to be released this year.

The acquisition was expected to take place by 2026, but the giant Austrian motorcycle maker has decided to pull the trigger early. This step appears to be premature given the solid success of the strategic partnership so far. In fact, MV Agusta is now on track to post a net profit for the first time in many years. In 2023 alone, the Italian company introduced 5 new models, and all the limited series sold out within hours of their launch. Additionally, a new dealer network has been established, further strengthening the brand identity.

KTM takes over majority control of MV Agusta
Timur Sardarov is transitioning from CEO of MV Agusta to a new role as Vice President and Ambassador.

The Sardarov family, which had majority ownership of MV Agusta, will retain joint control and a 49.9% stake in the company. In addition, Hubert Trunkenpolz is taking over the role of CEO and President from MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov, who will remain available to the company as vice president, brand ambassador and advisor.

With this move, KTM AG will take over the industrial management of MV Agusta. There are also plans to increase annual production volumes to more than 10,000 MV Agusta premium motorcycles at the company’s site in Varese, Italy.

KTM takes over majority control of MV Agusta
KTM’s executive board member Hubert Trunkenpolz is taking over the role of CEO and president from MV Agusta’s Timur Sardorov.

Timur Sardarov said in a statement: “The personal challenge of leading the company out of crisis and towards success through innovative business strategies, team expansion and new product development has been conquered. It is an honor to play a role in shaping the legacy of MV Agusta. Over the past five years, both the company and I have grown significantly. Our growth together is a testament to the transformative journey we have shared. My time with MV Agusta has been an important chapter in my life, filled with mutual joys and challenges. As I continue to serve as a dedicated Vice President, I am committed to supporting the company and its continued success.

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