lee bong jo jong: Favorite reality show couple announced surprise wedding, fans shocked


They took this decision after 13 years of dating.

popular youtube couple lee bong jo jong – made of lee sang mi And whatever is sung – surprised their fans by announcing their plans to get married after 13 years together. The announcement came via a video on his channel titled “Our 13 years of dating are coming to an endWhere he directly shared his decision to get married with his audience.

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In the video, the couple shared, “We are getting married!He told that they have not booked any wedding hall yet, but are planning to choose a date between March and May next year for their ceremony. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this next step in the couple’s relationship for a long time.

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The decision to get married marks a significant change, especially for Lee Sang Mi, who previously mentioned that she had no intention of getting married. They shared a touching moment that changed his mind, where an emotional situation expressed Jo Sung Ho’s need to make a decision about his future.

Something happened that made Sungho start crying, and I think that’s when I decided…

– Lee Sang Mi

, @kind_bb_couple/Instagram

Lee Sang Mi and Jo Sung Ho first caught the public’s attention KakaoTV‘S days of change In 2021, a reality show where couples on the verge of breaking up explore relationships with other people. Despite disagreements on the show, they continued their relationship, showing the strength and depth of their relationship.

Following the announcement of their wedding, fans have shown tremendous support, expressing their happiness and anticipation for the couple’s wedding plans. Comments like “Hearty congratulations” And “Hope you’re happy.” His announcements flooded in, revealing the strong support network he has for his happiness.

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As they move into this new chapter, the couple’s journey from reality show contestants to YouTube celebrities and now soon-to-be-married partners, reflects their evolving relationship in the public eye. Lee Bong Jo Joong’s fans are excited to see him take this next step and are eager to follow his journey to the altar.

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