line man telugu movie review


Movie Name: line man

Release date: 22 March 2024 Rating: 2/5

Starring: Trigun, Kajal Kunder, B. Jayashree, Niviksha Naidu, Harini Srikanth, Sujay Shastri, Apoorva Sri

Director: V Raghu Shastri

the creator: purple rock entertainer

music director: Kadri Manikant

Cinematographer: Shanti Sagar HG

Editor: Raghunath. l

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Actor Thrigun has now come up with a film named Lineman. This rural drama has been directed by Raghu Shastri, and let’s see how it is.


Set in Satthipalli village in Khammam district, the film revolves around a strange decision taken by lineman Natraj alias Nattu (Thrigun). Devudamma (Jayashree) is a respected midwife in Satthipalli who has assisted several generations of women in delivering their children. Devudamma is about to complete 100 years and on this special occasion the entire village is planning a grand birthday party. But Nattu switched off the power grid to save the lives of four people. He also informs everyone that the power supply will remain closed for a few more days. The lineman’s question is why did Nattu take such a decision?

Plus points:

Thriguna is naturally a good actor and has played the role of Natthu on screen with great ease. His dialogue delivery, body language and the way he emotes in the second half is very good. Senior actress Jayshree, who plays the role of a midwife, has done a brilliant job.

Negative Points:

The film emphasizes that no one has the right to take the lives of other living beings, but at the same time, the protagonist causes extreme trouble to the villagers by cutting off the electricity supply. Many lives are put at stake to save four birds, which is contrary to the objective that the film tries to achieve. From newborns to old people, many people live in the village, and the film makes no bones about how good it is to inconvenience them.

The solution shown in Lineman is not practically possible. At the end some paper clips are shown in which it is said that such incidents have happened in some villages. Well, this cannot be attributed to the majority of the population. The film also says that excessive addiction to mobile phones affects human relationships. Well, not just mobile phones but there are many other things for which we depend on electricity, and it is not possible to live without it, especially in this day and age.

Mobile phones are not just for entertainment, but they have become an integral part of our lives in many ways. It would have been wise if the film had emphasized on social media addiction. Because of these factors, the message appears preachy. The execution is quite poor for the most part, and the film is not technically good.

Nothing happens in the first half and the comedy here is very disturbing. The songs come without any reason, and the treatment in many scenes is almost daily soap-like. The slow pace will test the patience level a lot. There are different comedy tracks and subplots. They provide no value and increase crises.

technical aspects:

The film scores low on technical aspects. The music, editing, cinematography and production values ​​are top notch. The idea and presentation of the film is not convincing at all. Apart from Thrigun and some characters, there is no lip-sync for the other actors. The dialogues are poorly written.


Overall, Lineman revolves around a strange idea that is not practically possible, and the story is extremely boring. There are also several scenes in the film that are completely contrary to the concept it deals with. Thriguna and senior actress Jayashree are the only good things to praise about this village drama. Therefore, it is advisable to choose other entertainment options this weekend.



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