Mahesh Babu and Sreeleela’s Kurchi Madathapetty lights up NBA halftime


A scene from the song Kurchi Madathapetty. (Etiquette: _Shri_Ram_14__,

Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu’s popularity extends far beyond his local boundaries. Recently, Track Kurchi Madathapetty from their latest release Guntur Karam Was played at Toyota Center in Houston, USA. It happened during halftime of an NBA game between the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. The video of several dancers grooving to the peppy song and performing the popular hook step has now gone viral on various social media platforms. The official page of the film also shared the video of Mahesh’s performance with the caption, “Sakshi #Kurchimadathapeti Frenzy spreading globally! supper star Mahesh Babu’s electrification #Kurchimadathapeti The Toyota Center in Houston lights up with dancing during halftime of an NBA game #Gunturkaram,

In January, Mahesh Babu revealed how a particular scene was Guntur Karam – Where he needed to smoke beedis – which gave him headaches and migraines. During a conversation with actress and host Suma Kanakala, Mahesh shared, “I don’t smoke and I don’t even encourage smoking. It was an Ayurvedic beedi made of clove leaves. In the beginning, he gave me a real Gave beedi, and I got migraine and headache. I went and told Trivikram Garu (Srinivas) that I can’t do it and we were thinking how to do it. Then they did their research and the team gave me this Ayurvedic beedi. It was made from clove leaves and had the flavor of mint. There was no tobacco in it.”

Next, Mahesh Babu will be seen in a project directed by SS Rajamouli. During his recent trip to Japan, the filmmaker shared an update. He revealed, “We have started our next film. We have finished writing. We are in the pre-production process. We are doing all the pre-visualization for the film. But we haven’t completed the casting yet. Only the protagonist, the main character of the film, is locked. His name is Mahesh Babu. He is a Telugu actor.

On hearing the name of Mahesh Babu, the audience responded with loud applause. SS Rajamouli further added, “It seems many of you already know him. She is very beautiful and hopefully we will finish the film a little soon. I will bring him here during his release. And I will introduce him to you and am sure you will love him too.

Along with the video on X (formerly Twitter), a fan page wrote, “About SSR #ssmb29 We have finished writing and are now in pre-production. only hero superstar Mahesh Babu sure is and he is incredibly handsome. Hopefully the filming process will speed up and he will join us for promotions during the release.

Mahesh Babu is known for his work in superhit films like Murari, अठाडु, Khaleeja and 1: Nanocadine,

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