Microsoft Resigns from OpenAI Board Amid Governance Changes

Microsoft has resigned from its seat on OpenAI’s board, citing the AI company’s improved governance post last year’s upheaval. In a letter dated Tuesday, Microsoft confirmed its immediate resignation as an observer on OpenAI’s board, stating that its oversight role was no longer necessary.

“The letter acknowledged the support received from OpenAI’s leadership and board in arriving at this decision.”

The unexpected move comes amidst heightened scrutiny from antitrust regulators concerning the influential AI partnership. Microsoft’s investment of $13 billion in OpenAI has attracted regulatory attention, with EU and British authorities reevaluating the partnership under their respective competition laws.

Microsoft initially assumed the board seat following internal conflict that saw OpenAI CEO Sam Altman dismissed and reinstated shortly thereafter, resulting in changes among board members.

“In the last eight months, we have witnessed significant progress under the new board and are confident in the company’s trajectory,” Microsoft’s letter affirmed. “Consequently, we believe our oversight role is no longer essential.”

Following Microsoft’s departure, OpenAI will no longer maintain observer seats on its board.

“We appreciate Microsoft’s confidence in our board and company direction, and we anticipate continued success in our partnership,” OpenAI stated.

Alex Hafner, competition partner at UK law firm Fladgate, remarked that Microsoft’s decision likely reflects increasing regulatory scrutiny of tech giants and their interactions with AI startups.

“Regulators are scrutinizing the complex relationships that Big Tech has developed with AI providers. Microsoft and others must carefully consider how they structure these arrangements moving forward,” Hafner emphasized.

OpenAI plans to adopt a new approach to engage strategic partners like Microsoft and Apple, as well as investors such as Thrive Capital and Khosla Ventures, with regular progress meetings aimed at fostering robust collaboration on security.

Additionally, OpenAI has entered into a licensing and technology agreement with Time, granting access to Time’s extensive archives.

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