‘Nightmare’: Anand Mahindra on video of man wearing VR set inside mall


Ever since Apple unveiled its revolutionary Vision Pro virtual reality headset, it has taken the world by storm. The widespread adoption of this innovative device has fueled interest. With so much engagement in just a few months, a ton of videos of people using VR headsets have gone viral.

People have also been seen using Apple Vision Pro in public places including streets, cafes and malls. One such video has now caught the attention of industrialist Anand Mahindra, who was seen highlighting the concerns of being “completely plugged in” while remaining detached from reality. He also suggested that if this is the future, it will be a “nightmare”.

The video shows a man wearing a Vision Pro VR headset moving around inside a mall on a scooter-like device. While he stops for a while to buy popcorn and beverages, he later moves on to explore other corners, completely engrossed in the virtual environment.

Sharing this on his X handle, the Mahindra Group chairman wrote, “Completely plugged in… and yet, completely disconnected. If this is the future, it’s a nightmare…”

While the video clearly points to the debate around technological advancements and human connection, social media users were also divided.

Disagreeing with Mahindra’s stance, one user wrote, “Every new technology brings with it natural advantages, but also some challenges in how it blends with our existing social norms. Spatial computing is a huge technological leap forward in how people interact with each other – like how email/internet, computers, mobile phones did in times past. Decades…”, while another commented, “Not so. Devices will get smaller over time until virtual reality blends “naturally” with our every day lives, I’m excited.”


Another user shared, “Absolutely sir, it sounds very strange. In the future there will be less human interaction and more interaction with machines.”

“This should not be the next “new normal,” a fourth user commented.

The post has been viewed over 3 lakh times, with lots of reactions.

Despite Apple’s emphasis on the need to “avoid using it while driving a moving vehicle or while intoxicated or otherwise impaired”, several other dangerous videos have also attracted attention where people are seen driving, walking or crossing streets. Was seen wearing a Vision Pro headset while performing.

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