Rajiv Bajaj reveals engine size for upcoming CNG motorcycles


What will be the size of Bajaj CNG motorcycle engine? If you also have this question in your mind, then Rajiv Bajaj has answered it in an interview…

The biggest buzz of this season is CNG in motorcycles. Rajiv Bajaj has announced that it will become the first manufacturer to develop a CNG motorcycle which is being touted as the next big breakthrough. In fact, they have announced that Bajaj will launch the first CNG motorcycle early next quarter (more information,

He is very much expected to repeat what the Hero Honda CD100 did in the motorcycle world almost 4 decades ago and that is saying a lot when we are seeing a huge shift towards electric vehicles every day.

From what we understand, the ICE engine when powered by CNG lacks that characteristic when the same engine runs on petrol. This means that for the same amount of response, a 100 cc petrol-only motorcycle, a CNG motorcycle may need a little more firepower, or perhaps larger displacement. We know that Bajaj’s CNG motorcycle is just a few weeks away, but which is the segment that Bajaj is eyeing? What capabilities can we expect?

Rajiv Bajaj has revealed this in an interview given to a TV channel. He says most of our market is concentrated in three displacement segments, 100, 125 and 150/160 cc. This is what Bajaj is aiming for and in fact, they have indirectly hinted that we can expect CNG motorcycles in each of these three segments. This matches their statement that there will be a portfolio dedicated to CNG motorcycles.

So, there will be a portfolio of CNG motorcycles that will run across 100/110cc, 125cc and 150/160cc segments…

This has made a lot clear about what will be the engine size of Bajaj’s CNG motorcycles. Rajiv Bajaj also told that the company will first launch a product, try to get it right and adapt it to whatever demand comes. Once things settle down and there is enough demand for such a motorcycle, Bajaj will expand the portfolio for the said displacement.

It is not known what engine capacity the first CNG motorcycle will come with! But considering that the test mule that was taken a few days ago was spotted with the Platina, we may see some bangers in that 100-110 cc space as a starting point.

The idea would be to provide as much mileage as possible so that buyers are attracted to this new style of motorcycles. It is also clear that there cannot be large capacity CNG motorcycles, given that high displacement motorcycle buyers have fuel efficiency as a lesser criterion.

So, there are interesting times ahead, especially if you are an entry level motorcycle buyer in India and I am waiting for that magic number that Bajaj will claim when it brings its first CNG motorcycle to the market. And the wait isn’t too long…

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