Sangeeta Kalanidhi to TM Krishna | Music Academy responds to singer duo Ranjani-Gayathri after withdrawing scheduled performance



Sangeeta Kalanidhi: The latest in a sequence of events in the world of Carnatic music that has created a stir on social media is The Music Academy’s strongly worded response to singer duo Ranjani and Gayathri, who have withdrawn from attending the academy. Had announced his intention. 2024 conference, protesting the selection of singer TM Krishna as this year’s Sangeetha Kalanidhi. In a letter sent to him, academy president N. Murali said he was “shocked by its scandalous content, replete with unwarranted and scandalous claims and insinuations based on defamation, and its vicious tone against a respected senior fellow musician”.

“The selection of Sangeeta Kalanithi year after year is the prerogative of the Music Academy and has always been done after careful deliberation, the sole criterion being musical excellence demonstrated over a significant and sustained career. This year the Executive Committee of the Academy selected TM Krishna for this honor based on his excellence in music over a long career, with no external factors influencing our choice,” said Mr Murali.

“We respect your decision to withdraw from the upcoming annual convention because the Academy has chosen for the award a composer you dislike and whom you denounce as an indecent artist and in bad taste. I note that you have shared your letter addressed to me and the Academy on social media, which, apart from being rude, raises doubts about the intentions and purpose behind your letter,” Mr Murali said in the note.

“Normally, the kind of message you have addressed to me and the Academy and posted on social media before receiving a reply would not require a response. But I would not like to refuse your response considering your contribution to the field of Carnatic music.

“It seems he is upset at not getting the award,” he said later in the conversation. hindu,

Since Wednesday night, there has been a flurry of activity on social media following the public announcement by Ms Ranjani and Ms Gayathri, who also objected to being called “Mr”. The glorification of a personality like EVR alias Periyar was done by Krishna to prove that he was undeserving of the award. He accused Sri Krishna of defaming the Carnatic music fraternity by refusing to attend the Academy’s conference this year.

Others, including Harikatha exponent Dushyant Sridhar and singer Thrissur Brothers, also expressed their intention to skip this year’s conference for the same reasons. Harikatha exponent Vishakha Hari also issued a statement questioning the selection of Sangeeta Kalanidhi candidate. Chitravina Ravikiran, who was Sangeeta Kalanidhi in 2017, wrote a note saying that she would return her award. The family of the late Palghat Mani, in a message addressed to Mr Murali, which was also publicized on social media late on Thursday evening, said they would return their award (awarded in 1966) in protest against this year’s choice, and in doing so demanded. Informed about the process of doing so.

The announcement of the Sangeet Kalanidhi Shri Krishna award came on Sunday, when other awards given by the institution were also unveiled.

CPI(M) supports Krishna

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) state secretary K. Balakrishnan on Thursday supported Sri Krishna and strongly condemned the announcement by some singers to withdraw from the 2024 convention of the Music Academy.

Mr. Balakrishnan also praised the Music Academy for sticking to its decision.

“Shri. Krishna has been raising his voice against caste discrimination and condemning Brahminical dominance in the Karnataka music world and has been taking initiative to take music to all sections of the society. He has faced various threats from the Sangh Parivar Has been,” Mr. Balakrishnan said.

“The suppression of alternative views is happening systematically under the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) BJP rule. Shri Krishna will overcome this with determination and courage and CPM will stand with him. Democratic forces should come forward and support him,” Mr. Balakrishnan said.

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