Sara Ali Khan gives up middle-class ‘baisakhi’ for Aye Watan: ‘Not my cheap shoes…’ Unique


Sara Ali Khan has often called herself ‘the stingiest celebrity ever’.

Sara Ali Khan reveals her image as ‘Namaste audience’ girl doesn’t help sell Ae Watan Mere Watan. She says people don’t know who she really is.

Over the years of her career as an actor, Sara Ali Khan has become synonymous with a ‘middle-class’ girl. She has often called herself ‘the stingiest celebrity ever’ and her middle-class relationship with money often makes her the subject of many meme fests. While her honesty about living a frugal lifestyle has made her stand out from the crowd, many people on social media have also trolled her for trying too hard to carry this image.

Sara, who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming patriotic film, Ae Watan Mere Watan, recently spoke to News 18 Shosha, where she shared that though she has made people realize that she is a funny, bubbly and She is a regular girl, like ‘Baisakhi’ this will not help her in promoting the film. “As an actor, this is a genre I have never done. So now, I have no recourse to be the ‘Namaste audience’ girl, the ‘knock knock’ joke girl, the girl with abs or the bubbly and cool girl who just speaks her mind. My cheap shoes aren’t going to help here,” she said with her characteristic frankness.


Sara has become a darling of the paparazzi over the years due to her charming antics and her candid behavior has earned her the admiration of many fans. But for the sake of my country, he had to show a different direction. Talking about the same, she revealed that she has an introverted side to her which people don’t see and often the ‘fun girl Sara’ is given priority over.

“There was a completely different level of confidence, self-confidence and almost satanic positivity that I had to bring to the table, which is a part of my personality anyway. But people don’t see that. I also meditate. He will only see me rhyming but not him. So, yeah, I got to bring it to the screen for the first time, which is awesome,” she said.

However, he felt proud to be a part of a story inspired by true events like Ae Watan Mere Watan. When asked about it, she said, “It was, 150 percent at every level! As a human being, I am proud to be able to tell the story of an integral part of the Quit India movement. I realize that I can’t always change the world. It’s about what little I can do. In today’s era, people shy away from doing anything because they think, ‘Oh, what will we do!’ But do something. An ocean is formed from drop to drop. that’s the whole point.”


Along with the film and her role as a young freedom fighter, she also wants young girls to be the wind beneath their wings. “As a woman in our country today, I also hope to inspire women to be strong and have the confidence to go out there and make their dreams come true. In that process, I have inspired myself,” he commented.

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