SS Rajamouli survived Japan earthquake, son says they were on 28th floor: ‘Ground started shaking’


SS Rajamouli and his son experienced an earthquake in Japan.

SS Rajamouli and his son SS Karthikeya experienced the earthquake in Japan. Karthikeya revealed that the father-son duo was on the 28th floor when the earthquake struck.

SS Rajamouli and his son SS Karthikeya experienced an earthquake in Japan on Thursday, March 21. It is reported that an earthquake with an initial magnitude of 5.3 occurred in Japan. On X, formerly known as Twitter, Karthikeya shared a photo of his smartwatch with earthquake warning and spoke about the experience. Tagging SS Rajamouli and producer Shobu Yarlagadda on the picture, Karthikeya revealed that the RRR team was on the 28th floor when the earthquake struck.

“Just felt a terrible earthquake in Japan!!! Was on the 28th floor and slowly the ground started shaking and it took us some time to understand that it was an earthquake. I was just about to panic but all the Japanese around didn’t move as if it had just started raining!! Feel free to tick the earthquake box. ✅,” shared SS Karthikeya.


The post left fans worried. Many people prayed for him and his safe return to India. “I’m glad you are all safe. One fan said, “There could be aftershocks, so please be careful today.” “I’m glad to see you safe. Please be careful❤️,” another added. “I’m relieved to hear that You’re safe, enjoy the rest of your stay!!” said a third fan.

Rajamouli and RRR have received a lot of love from Japan. The film was a massive hit when it released in the country and fans have shown their love and support to the filmmaker since its release. Rajamouli, Karthikeya and Shobu recently reached Japan for the special screening of RRR. During his visit, he has also been sharing updates about Rajamouli’s next film, SSMB 29, starring Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

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