Sussanne Khan is crazy about Aryan Khan’s alleged girlfriend Larissa Bonesi, the two have a lovely conversation. hindi movie news


Recently there is speculation about Shahrukh Khan’s son. Aryan Khan‘s dating life has created a stir on social media. it is being said that Aryan reportedly dating brazilian actor and models Larissa Bonesi After many social media users pointed out their possible relationship.
The rumors gained momentum when a video surfaced showing Aryan and Larissa Attended DJ Garrix’s concert with mutual friends last year. As soon as the video went viral, Aryan and Larissa’s rumored romance became a hot topic on various platforms.
Adding more fuel to the fire, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan shared pictures with Larissa on her Instagram stories, further increasing the curiosity among fans. In one post, Suzanne Expressing his joy at meeting his friend, he described Larissa as ‘a beautiful angel wrapped in a shiny disco ball and 1’. Larissa reciprocated her sentiments and praised Suzanne, calling her ‘sunshine in human form’ and a ‘real goddess’.

Aryan Khan’s alleged relationship with Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi sparks speculation online; Old video of concert goes viral

Sussanne wrote, “You are a sparkly disco ball and a beautiful angel, so glad to have met you!!!” To this Larissa replied, “Sunshine in human form, you are a true goddess @suzkr I was so glad to meet you and what a pleasure it was to shoot something so beautiful together.”

The banter continued on social media as Suzanne shared more photos from their shoot and talked about Larissa’s beauty and unique personality. Larissa responded with similar praise, calling Suzanne ‘beautiful’ and expressing how much she already missed her.

Suzanne wrote, “Beauty is what beauty does. @larissabonesi Haven’t met someone like this in a very long time.” To which Larissa replied, “Ah, my beautiful @suzkr, I miss you so much already!!”


Amidst these rumours, Aryan is making waves in the entertainment industry. She recently directed an ad for her luxury streetwear brand with her father Shah Rukh Khan and sister Suhana Khan. Additionally, Aryan is working on his directorial debut web series, Stardom, starring Lakshya Lalwani in the lead role. Produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and rumored to star Shah Rukh, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar and Bobby Deol in cameos.

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