The Internet Criticizes Louis Vuitton Over Emma Stone’s Oscar Dress Ripped Post


Emma Stone at the Oscars. (Image courtesy: AFP)

New Delhi:

Emma Stone scores a stunning win at the 96th Academy Awards. Emma Stone received her second Best Actress Oscar for her role as Bella Baxter in Yorgos Lanthimos. poor things, His first win was for his performance in 2017 La la Land, However, Emma Stone’s big moment was punctuated with a wardrobe uff. As she took the stage to accept the gold statuette, Emma revealed, “My dress is torn. I think it happened during I’m Just Kane. I’m pretty sure,” Ryan Gosling at the ceremony Referring to the performance of. She ended her speech by saying, “Don’t look at the back of my dress.” Following the criticism of Emma Stone’s dress at the Oscars, the official Instagram handle of Louis Vuitton (who designed the outfit) shared pictures of the actress in the above dress. The internet was not happy.

A quick look at the comments section of Louis Vuitton’s Instagram post. “High quality fabric (my dress is torn) LOL,” one user wrote. Another said: “Now show the back.” Another read, “Hahaha still have the guts to post this.” A third wrote: “Next time work on the craftsmanship! #shameful.” “Wasn’t it broken,” another user said. Another user input, “But her dress got torn.” Another Instagram user commented on the brand’s post, “I honestly wouldn’t mention I’m the designer for a flawless dress. You guys are hilarious.” A section of the internet even demanded the brand to apologize for the dress oopsie. “I have not seen any apologies regarding the incident,” one comment said.

Another user said, “She felt humiliated and insecure. Look at her face and words in front of all the women as soon as she got on stage. You stole her moment.” Similar thoughts are echoed in the comments section, “Imagine how nervous she was already from the acceptance speech, but then she had to pull the dress up to make sure she didn’t accidentally expose herself. It was a shame. Do better.” Another comment read, “Make her a better stitched dress next time, it was her special moment, she didn’t deserve to have her dress torn.”

This is the post shared by the brand:

Emma Stone is the star of films like La La Land, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Easy A And Cruellaamong many others.

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