‘Three of us in marriage’: Prince William-Kate going to split like Charles-Diana? Timeline of the Royals’ latest drama


Prince William-Kate: ‘There were three of us at this wedding, so it was a bit crowded,’ the late Princess Diana’s infamous words during her interview with Martin Bashir in 1995 led to a whole ‘Pandora’ of revelations about Charles and his then-mistress (now The box was opened. Wife and Queen Consort) Camilla Parker Bowles. History has a way of repeating itself which is reflected in the ‘rumors of Prince William’s affair’ with a Lady Sarah Rose Hanbury Amid the ‘absence’ of his wife Kate Middleton after nearly three decades.

Rumors of Prince William’s ‘affair’ with Lady Rose Hanbury grow amid Kate Middleton’s ‘absence’

However the ‘Kate-gate’ drama started on a different note, with internet sleuths digging into Kate Middleton’s ‘absence’ following the announcement of “planned abdominal surgery” in mid-January, sparking conspiracy theories. The shower shifted onto a completely different tangent into an already spicy story with the sudden appearance of Lady Sarah Rose Hanbury.

Also, the digitally altered photo of the Princess of Wales with her children released at Kensington Palace did not help as internet sleuths tore it down followed by a clarifying statement. Kate herself is apologizing For any “confusion” caused by edits made to the image.

Let’s take a look at the timeline of the ‘Kate-Gate’ drama-

December 25, 2023: Kate Middleton’s final public appearance

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton attended the royal family’s annual church service at Sandringham on Christmas Day, her last known royal engagement and public appearance.

January 17, 2024: Kate Middleton’s stomach surgery announced

Kensington Palace announced in a statement that the Princess of Wales was admitted to hospital for “abdominal surgery” on January 16 and requested privacy. The statement said that due to medical advice, she would not return to public duties until Easter.

January 29, 2024: Kate Middleton returns home from hospital

Reports emerged that the Princess of Wales returned home to Windsor from a London clinic. However, no picture of him leaving the hospital was revealed anywhere.

February 5, 2024: King Charles announces his cancer diagnosis

Buckingham Palace announced this King Charles is undergoing treatment for cancer. “She is making a positive response to treatment and is looking forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible,” a statement from Buckingham Palace said.

March 4, 2024: Princess of Wales photographed by paparazzi surfaces while driving around Windsor

TMZ published photos captured by paparazzi of Kate and her mother driving in an Audi around Windsor Castle.

March 10, 2024: Kate’s ‘Mother’s Day’ photo shared

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a photo of the Princess of Wales with her three children on their social media accounts to celebrate Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom. The palace said it was taken by William in Windsor last week.

While social media were quick to point out inconsistencies in the image, all doubts became stronger after the Associated Press issued a “kill order”, a term used to withdraw an image. “Upon closer inspection, it appears that the source has manipulated the image,” the news outlet said in its advisory.



March 10, 2024: Kate issues ‘apology’ on social media

“Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to apologize for any confusion caused by the family photo we shared yesterday. A statement issued by the Princess of Wales on the microblogging site said, I hope that everyone celebrating Mother’s Day will be very happy.

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