Toyota files design patent for crossover minivan with rugged design and off-road characteristics


In October, Toyota was present at the Japan Mobility Show and graced the event stage with a series of concept vehicles, showcasing the diversity of mobility solutions for all needs and lifestyles. One of these vehicles was the X-Van Gear Concept, an impressively spacious minivan with a robust design and front and rear sliding doors.

9 photosPhoto: Japan Patent and Trademark Office

The Japanese automotive giant has now filed a design patent for the vehicle, leading to rumors that it could actually turn this concept into a production model.

Designed by Toyota Auto Body, a manufacturing subsidiary of Toyota that assembles models such as the Land Cruiser family, Alphard, Noah and Volksy minivan, the X-Van Gear Concept was presented as a crossover that Combines the comfort and practicality of a minivan. with the rugged appearance of a suv,

The company envisioned the who makes it. The wide open space that allows easy entry and exit makes it easy to carry large items, and can also be configured as a lounge/dining area for campers.

In terms of dimensions, the high-riding minivan is 4695 mm (184.8 in) long, 1820 mm (71.6 in) wide and 1855 mm (73 in) tall, and its interior boasts a three-row layout, meaning that It can seat up to six people. Additionally, the seats are mounted on rails on the floor, allowing great flexibility in terms of arrangement. The front passenger seat is installed on a rotating mount so that it can move both forward and backward or even be moved to the second row if necessary; The second row folds down and doubles as a table, while the third row has a sofa-like design, again facilitating a lounging/dinning configuration.

Patent images registered with the Japan Patent and Trademark Office appear to display a minivan that is very similar to the concept vehicle. The only differences we can see include wheels and the absence of a roof rack and basket. All the key features seen in the concept are present in the patent filing, including strong body cladding all around, boxy wheel arch flares with sliding door rails, high ground clearance, quirky pillar design, narrow daytime running lights above the pixel headlights . Vertically arranged and divided headlights.

The absence of a large grille for the air intake could indicate that the X-Van Gear could be a fully electric vehicle if it actually becomes a production model.

As always, the fact that Toyota has filed a design patent for the X-Van Gear Concept doesn’t necessarily guarantee the carmaker’s intention to put it into production. This step may have been taken as a precaution to prevent other brands from copying the design.

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