‘Vikram’ actress Gayatri Shankar reacts to Lokesh Kanagaraj romancing Shruti Haasan


‘Vikram’ actress Gayatri Shankar reacts to Lokesh Kanagaraj romancing Shruti Haasan, says, ‘When I romanced in your film you cut off my head, what is this? , tamil-movie-news.
Director Lokesh Kanagaraj’s collaboration with Shruti Haasan in ‘Inimail’ single is creating waves online. Hilarious Social Media… Read More

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj is gearing up for his new collaboration with Shruti Haasan in a romantic single ‘Inimail’. A recent video of Shruti and Lokesh featuring an intimate romantic scene is doing the rounds on the internet. Lokesh is known for creating a cinematic universe with action films like ‘Vikram’, ‘Leo’ and ‘Kaithi’. Now, when the director is preparing to do something new in the romance genre, away from the action genre, his ‘Vikram’ actress Gayatri Shankar has made a funny joke on social media.

When the makers of ‘Inimail’ shared this romantic video of Shruti and Lokesh, netizens started mentioning Gayatri in the comment box and shared a lot of memes about her death in Kamal Haasan starrer ‘Vikram’ . Gayathri soon re-shared the video and wrote, “Unga padathula romance panna thalayi vettu.. what is this ma @Dir_Lokesh!? (You cut my head off when I romanced in your movie, what is this?)

This strange reaction has led to a strange fight on Twitter, as one mentioned, “Let’s see if Shruti survives till the end of this song or not, (Pattu Mudiyambothu Shruti Irupangalanu Papom Firstu.)” The other one Shared a picture of Gayatri from the film and wrote, “I want my head back.” More comments have been posted with #justiceforGayathri.

Gayatri was playing the role of Fahadh Faasil’s character’s partner in Lokesh’s fourth highest-grossing Indian film of 2022, ‘Vikram’. As soon as the antagonist, Vijay Sethupathi, finds out that Fahadh is a secret agent, he brutally murders Gayathri by cutting her head off from her body. The scene in which his headless body was placed inside the car was a scandalous moment of the film.

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