Vinfast Auto India CEO lauds new EV policy, plans to launch premium SUV in Indian market

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Vinfast Auto India CEO lauds new EV policy, plans to launch premium SUV in Indian market

Pham Sanh Chau, India CEO of Vinfast Auto, expressed optimism about India’s recently unveiled electric vehicle (EV) policy, and stressed its potential to encourage… Launch of premium quality SUV In the Indian automotive market.

“This forward-looking policy helps us offer a variety of smart, green, premium-quality SUVs at inclusive prices along with excellent aftersales policies,” Chow said in a statement today. With a long-term growth commitment in India, we have pledged an expenditure of $500 million, which also includes an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu,” Chau said.

India’s new EV policy: Key features and investment requirements

The policy includes a significant reduction in import duty on select electric cars 15% For five year, provided vehicle manufacturers invest minimum Rs 4,150 crore (US$500 million) to set up manufacturing operations in India within a time frame of three years. VinFast has begun construction of its first integrated EV manufacturing facility in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, with substantial investment planned in the subsequent phases.

Global expansion strategy and market prospects

Viewing India as a key market for its global expansion efforts, Vinfast acknowledges the country’s position as the world’s third largest passenger vehicle market. The automaker’s wide presence in various international regions, including North America, Europe and its home market Vietnam, underlines its commitment to introducing innovative electric car models.

Impact on global car manufacturers and investment incentives

from india Revised Import Duty Structure VinFast for electric vehicles is set to facilitate the entry of major global carmakers like Tesla while providing investment incentives to entities like Jaguar Land Rover and Foxconn.

Chau said, “We attach great importance to the Indian government’s new EV plan as it aims to spur larger investments in manufacturing, enhance efficiencies and skills, establish a strong supply chain and offer world-class, zero tailpipe emission vehicles to consumers. To do.”

The policy prescribes lower import duties for vehicle manufacturers who set up local manufacturing facilities and meet specified domestic value addition targets within predetermined timelines.

Vinfast’s production roadmap and export strategy

With a production kickoff 2026 At its Tamil Nadu facility, Vinfast aims to meet domestic demand and take advantage of India’s strategic position as an export hub. The automaker’s phased approach may initially include Importing Fully Assembled Units Adapting to emerging market dynamics and regulatory imperatives, before transitioning to local production.

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