Xpeng launches new variant of G6 SUV with lower price

Xpeng launches new variant of G6 SUV with lower price.

Xpeng has launched the G6 580 Plus with a starting price of RMB 199,900 ($27,630), or RMB 179,900 after discount.

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Xpeng (NYSE:

The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker today announced the launch of the G6 580 Plus, with a starting price of RMB 199,900 ($27,630), which is 10,000 RMB or 4.76 percent less than the RMB 209,900 of the previous lowest-priced G6 580 Pro. ,

Xpeng continues to offer a RMB 20,000 limited-time discount on all versions of the G6, including the new version, bringing the starting price down to RMB 179,900.

This discount is available from April 11 to April 30.

It’s worth noting that these limited-time discounts have turned into permanent price cuts, even though the price remains unchanged in the G6 spec sheet on Xpeng’s website.

Xpeng started offering a limited-time discount of RMB 10,000 for the G6 in December last year, and increased the discount to RMB 20,000 in February and March.

On the new G6 variant, Xpeng introduced a new black exterior.

It has the same key specifications as the G6 580 Pro and is powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack with a CLTC range of 580 kilometers.

To save costs, the number of comfort features in the new variants has been reduced. For example, it removes the lumbar support for the driver’s seat and the number of speakers has been reduced from 18 to eight in the G6 580 Pro.

The G6 is currently offered in six variants with starting prices of RMB 199,900, RMB 209,900, RMB 229,900, RMB 234,900, RMB 254,900 and RMB 276,900 before discounts.

Following the limited-time offer, the starting prices of these six versions are RMB 179,900, RMB 189,900, RMB 209,900, RMB 214,900, RMB 234,900 and RMB 256,900 respectively.

Xpeng officially launched the G6 in China on June 29, 2023, with deliveries starting in early July.

The SUV model was key in turning around the company’s previously weak sales, with 3,937 units in the first month of deliveries, accounting for 35.76 percent of Xpeng’s delivery volume of 11,008 vehicles in July last year, second only to the P7 sedan. Was.

The G6 has been one of Xpeng’s main selling models in the second half of last year. However, as competition intensified, sales declined and Xpeng began offering a limited-time discount for the G6 on December 18.

According to data compiled by CnEVPost, Xpeng delivered 9,026 vehicles in March, while G6 delivered 1,473 vehicles, accounting for 16.32 percent of monthly deliveries.

($1 = RMB 7.2360)

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